About us

To create and implement CRM software that enable our Customers gain business intelligence thus increasing their Productivity and Profit.
Mission Statement
To be number 2 CRM software company in India.
WinMax Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a CRM software product company, committed to deliver innovation and value to our customers which help them become high-performance organizations.

In 1995, WinMax has developed a Unique & Powerful CRM software product, currently known as eBizWiz CRM, which assists clients to take Informed Business Decisions to Increase Sales and Improve Service.

WinMax has gained deep industry knowledge and business process expertise and therefore we emphasize on understanding customer's requirements and design solutions to fulfil these needs with a right mix of experience, technology and people skills.

With nearly 4000+ live users of our product, WinMax works extensively with Clients across major industries.



Kalpesh Shah is an Engineering Graduate in Electronics and Telecommunications from Bombay University. He is in software industry since 1990. With a rich experience of more than 25 years,  he has designed unique software products for niche segments and successfully marketed to local and multi-national customers. Many projects are implemented on All-India basis.