I want to send reminders to customers prior to warranty / AMC expiry.

By a very simple process a reminder can be set to remind designated users about Warranty expiry. Also, on the day of warranty expiry it will be visible on the Operations Dashboard. Upon clicking the link on the dashboard, the user will get a report of warranties that are expiring.

I want to know the buying habits of my customers.

By a very simple report of "Sales by Customer" over a period of time will give you this information. This will give you analysis of products bought with value.

I want to optimize inventory.

After complex internal calculations, without sacrificing the speed, there is a single report which will enable you to optimize the Inventory. This report considers the Current Stock Balance, Minimum Level, Pending to Receive and Pending to Dispatch. Upon this summation, this report will show "Shortfall To Order" OR "Excess Stock".

I want to know pending orders with reasons - customer-wise.

In eBizWiz CRM you can log all orders received. Upon dispatch (full or part delivery) against these orders, the order received list is automatically updated. Also, for all Pending Orders, a valid Pending Reason can be given. A report on Pending Orders with Reason - Customer-wise can be easily extracted.

I want a real-time consolidated report of my branches.

Once all your branches are online, taking consolidated reports for branches OR selective branches is the easy part. In fact important reports can even be monitored through our powerful dashboard with graphical presentation.