I want to know which marketing promotion mode generates most inquiries and orders.

eBizWiz CRM Marketing module will allow you to plan and manage campaigns to promote your Brands, Products and Services. It is designed keeping in mind the 4 Ps of Marketing ie. Place, Product, People and Promotion.

Uniqueness of this CRM module is that you will be able to define a campaign, budget for promotion, track your marketing expense, analyze the success of a campaign and arrive at the best way to promote your Products and Services.Campaign management and its effectiveness can be measured by the Inquiries generated and recorded in eBizWiz CRM.

Our CRM modules are built to effectively give you a 360 degree view of your prospects as well as your clients.


I want to give follow-up reminders to my sales team.

On daily basis eBizWiz CRM can send email alert and SMS alert to each Sales Person. Also it will be visible to each Sales Person on his Dashboard as well as to his Manager.


I want to know open inquiries - sales person-wise.

New leads are allotted to Sales Person. Open Inquiries are maintained in eBizWiz CRM Sales Person-wise. As and when the Sales Person updates the lead, this list is updated and is visible on the Dashboard.


I want a list of un-approved quotations - sales person-wise.

eBizWiz CRM will help you monitor the performance of Sales Persons with respect to Target V/s Achievement and value of Opportunities on your finger tips. This will help you monitor and achieve your Sales Targets.


I want to analyze the reasons for lost inquiries?