After-Sales Service

I want a list of calls that are pending for parts.

While updating the service call status, eBizWiz CRM also allows the user to input a pending reason and also select spare part for which the call is pending. In a single report the user will be able to generate a list of calls pending for parts and a consolidated quantitative analysis of parts required.


I want pending calls to be escalated.

By a simple screen you can define a Call Escalation Matrix that is Time-based and "Escalated To". Up to service call completion, this Call Escalation Matrix is automatically applied to each service call. When the criteria matches the escalation parameters, the service call will be automatically escalated to designated user. Escalated calls report is also available.

I want to know the most frequently replaced spares.

When the call is completed, all spares used to complete the call are recorded. A user will be able to generate reports of spare part consumption for In-Warranty, Under AMC and Chargeable Calls.

I want my company's service synchronised with routine service schedule.

When a Warranty Sales transaction is entered, the Preventive Maintenance Visit to be provided for each Product serial number is captured. Depending on the Warranty period and the number of PM Visits a schedule is prepared. User can also re-schedule this PM Visit Call. On the day of actual PM Visit, eBizWiz CRM will automatically generate a PM Service Call which can then be allotted to your Service Person along with normal service calls.

I want to quickly claim spares replaced under warranty.

All spares replaced in Service Calls for products under warranty are recorded. With a single click, Warranty Service Claim can be prepared on the Principle / Manufacturer / Factory.